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A national non-profit 501(c)3 organization, AMIkids is dedicated to providing our communities’ troubled youth a promising future. Since 1969, AMIkids has partnered with local communities to help our 100,000 misguided kids who have been adjudicated or have failed in conventional school settings develop into responsible and productive citizens. Upon graduation from AMIkids, our goal is to have every student either re-enroll in school, gain employment, or begin higher education course-work.

AMIkids programs are community-based with a governing board of local community leaders ensuring that the program is meeting the needs of the community as well as engaging the community in redirecting their troubled youth.

AMIkids builds safer, more productive communities through restorative justice, economic development, community service and positively impacting public safety. Students in our AMIkids programs learn accountability, consequences and how to redirect their lives in order to give back to the surrounding community through service projects. AMIkids hires locally, which positively impacts the local economy and puts tax dollars back into the state. Each program’s local board members raise funds to supplement the public dollars received.

Learn more at: www.amikids.org