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We Make It Easy

Best Effect, LLC. wants to ensure that schools and organizations purchasing ThinkBuildLive Success have the tools they need to make the most of the program. That’s why we offer guidance, hands-on training, and a wide range of resources for students and staff.

We Consult

TBLS is easily adaptable to your needs, and can be successfully offered as a stand-alone workshop, as part of an orientation program, in the classroom, or through your career services office. We work closely with you to customize a program that best fits your budget and needs.

We Train

To see that you get the greatest possible value from TBLS, we include comprehensive training services and the TBLS Instructor’s Guide with all purchases. The Instructor’s Guide is the go-to resource for teachingTBLS, and includes tips on presenting the program, timing, lesson plans, troubleshooting, and team-building activities. The trainings are conducted at your facility and tailored to fit the schedules and teaching styles of your instructors. To support ongoing integration and enhancement of the program, we also offer an advanced certification option for designated instructors.           

We Stay Connected

When you purchase TBLS, you become part of a community. We provide extensive educational and motivational resources to support the ongoing success of your school, your instructors and your students. Through the TBLS website, blog, and e-newsletter, you’ll find everything from tips on time management and teaching styles, to low-cost health resources and inspirational articles.

We Give Back

Central to our mission is a commitment to positive social change. In support of that, for every five books sold, Best Effect, LLC. will donate one book, along with consultation and training services, to an educational or non-profit organization working to empower and educate at-risk, and other underserved populations. For more information and a list of participating organizations, please see our Give Back page.