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Who Can Benefit?

People of all ages and abilities, with varied backgrounds and experiences, can benefit from TBLS. The program teaches to the individual’s strengths, utilizing existing skills to build a foundation for greater success in all areas of a student’s life. Graduates of the program have seen remarkable improvements in many areas of their lives. As one student put it, "It helps you to figure yourself out—the way you learn, the way you should study, habits to overcome." TBLS has the potential to change a person’s entire attitude toward learning and living, for a lifetime.

The experience was a mirror for who I was and who I’m supposed to be. TBLS helped me become better and I’m still learning.”- TBLS online student

Schools and training programs also benefit from TBLS. Teachers note a positive change in students’ enthusiasm for tackling assignments, and a shift toward a cooperative classroom atmosphere more conducive to learning. Administrators report increased student satisfaction, retention, and improved job placement.